Sunday, January 8, 2012

new years eve gender reveal party!

i love the idea of a gender reveal party! i have known i wanted to do one since before i was pregnant so as soon as we got home from our trip i began googling ideas. 

i knew right away that i didn't want to do the traditional half baby blue half baby pink theme that seems to be prevailing the gender reveal world these days. but i wasn't sure what i DID want to do...

we found out that we would be receiving the big news the week between christmas and new years so we decided to have our party on new years eve! we went with the classic black/white/gold new years theme with some wintery elements thrown in there too. i just LOVE how it turned out! 

we decided that we wanted to wait and find out the news with everyone at our party. so the sonogram technician wrote down the big secret and sealed it in a tiny envelope for us. 

it was TORTURE not to rip that thing open for 2 days but we did it and i'm sooooo glad!
the surprise was definitely worth it!

mommy and daddy. 

18.5 weeks.

my bff meghan flew up and surprised me for the party! made the night perfect :)

meg and me. 

party details. 

some authentic italian canolis  from the one and only canoli queen!

soooooooo yummy!

baby pics of us

hot chocolate bar. 

family and friends.

so glad my sister in law ariel and my sister laura could come up too!!

the reveal.

for the big reveal we decided to set off fireworks!

we had bought both pink and blue fireworks and had them all ready down by the pond behind our house. 
there was a fuse to one labeled "boy" and a fuse for the pink ones labeled "girl". 

everyone went outside and we handed the envelope to a friend of ours.
he headed down to the pond in the dark, opened the envelope, read the results, and lit the right fuse.

the we all had to wait to see which what color they would be!!!!

everyone watching!

brother face-timing with his wife so he could watch the fireworks!


the fuse is lit!

and the fireworks are......


it's a boy!!!!!!!

daddy's excited

post party dance celebration with my girls! lol 

 his first midnight new year's kiss from aunt meghan!!

kent and i thought it was a little boy ever since we found out and our parental instincts were right this time!
we can't wait to meet our sweet little prince in may!
love you so much already

Roman Kent


CMae said...

Congrats!!!! That's like the best gender reveal party I've ever seen/read on Blogger!!! Simply beautifull!!!!

Veronika said...

Little boys are awesome!
Love how the party came out!
So much cuter than the typical pink/blue theme!

Aly @ Analyze This said...

Ahhh!!! Love this!!! Will you help me plan my next party? Seriously? Please?

Loved grabbing lunch and shopping with you thid weekend. Let's do it again soon!

Jenna said...

What a creative idea!!! Love this! You planned a beautiful party!

Brooke said...

Breathtaking! Congrats.

Amber said...

I popped over from someone who posted this on twitter - and first - CONGRATULATIONS!! Secondly, if I ever have a party can you PLEASE come and plan it for me?? That looked absolutely amazing :)
So many great ideas!!

You are teeny-tiny cute pregnant!!!

Amber said...

I just did a twitter stalk and it was Aly!!!

Tiffany said...


Hands down the best reveal party ever! Glamorous!

Jane @ In the Pink and Green said...

Congrats on your baby boy, so exciting! Seriously, I loved your gender reveal party, everything was so gorgeous! I love all the ideas you used and I think they'd be awesome for any winter/NYE party...even without the blue fireworks :)

Courtney said...

I about died when I saw these on facebook, you are SO creative and come up with the best ideas! Seriously though, when it's my turn someday can I pick your brain for cute ideas? I'll totally pay you =)
And I LOVE the name Roman, he is going to be such a well dressed little baby boy.

Mandy said...

This is thee best idea EVER! What a great party and CONGRATS!!!

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

Congrats on a baby boy!! The party looked fantastic!

Ramblin' Blonde said...

Wow your party looks awesome! So Creative! I had a nephew in November and little boys are so great!!

G said...

I thought it was going to be a girl but YAY FOR BABY ROMAN! This was such a fantastic reveal party, just wow! I loved reading this post! Congratulations you guys! said...

Holy moly. That is the best gender reveal EVER. fireworks were genius. I love your blog. Seriously. Congrats!! And Roman? Great name!!! -Celine

Cassie said...

Woohoo! Congrats on having a baby boy!

I'm honestly so in love with your decorating style. If you're ever interested in helping others decorate (long distance, since I'm in OK), let me know! I could use your help!

*D* said...

the best planned reveal party I've heard of! congrats to both of you!

The Fenner's said...

Found this on pinterest. I was wondering where you got the cups and sleeves ou used for the hot chocolate? Thanks!

lovetheday said...

Hi There!

My names is Lindi of Love The Day, a party and entertainment site. I stumbled on this amazing shower and was wondering if I could share with my readers. It's just so sweet! Please let me know if that is something you are interested in!


Wife Willis said...

Where did you find the blue and pink fireworks? I'm having a hard time finding any that don't require you to be a professionally licensed firework "person."